Cat Boarding

Sunset Cliffs Animal Hospital now offers our patients “Kitty Condos” for the convenience of their owners.

“Kitty Condos” are located in the upstairs area of our hospital so you can guarantee that the safety of your pet is first at hand. Our facilities are clean and designed to keep your kitty comfortable while you travel.


Our rates for overnight guests are $17.50

Our Policy

Our condos are reserved for healthy cats. Each guest must be up to date on all vaccinations, flea control and a current patient.


All cages in our cattery are built of wood with a fiberglass floor bottom. Some cages have adjoining doors so that cats within the same family may visit each other yet occupy the space of several cages. Our cat cages are designed to offer a cozy stay and yet are practical for proper cleaning.

Each cat is boarded separately in compartments that are 3 feet wide, 3 feet long, and 2 ½ feet tall.

  • All compartments have built-in shelves for comfortable cat-naps.
  • All compartments have plexiglass windows so your cat can easily see outside the cage and so that proper lighting gets inside.

Cleaning Procedures

Every morning each cat’s litter box is completely changed with fresh litter. The inside of the cage is swept out and the floor bottom is wiped out thoroughly with a disinfectant. The plexiglass window is wiped down with Kennelsol. We provide blankets and beds that are changed out and washed daily.


All cats are fed Hill’s Science Diet Optimal care dry food that is left out at all times. Owners may bring their own food to be fed according to their specifications.


We recommend having a current Rabies booster and FVRCP booster. There is no set age limit for boarding.

Plan to board your cat with us?

Download our boarding admission form to complete in advance. If your pet takes any medication, please complete the “Boarding with Medication” form as well. Bring your completed paperwork with you when you drop off your kitty to stay with us.